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Massachusetts Car Repossession

This page will give you two things.

First, I'm linking to some of my previous blog posts on car repossession in Massachusetts. These articles on popular car repossession topics should answer most of your questions.

Second, if you need our help, we might be able to provide it.  We are Massachusetts attorneys.  We specialize in resolving debt problems for businesses and consumers.  We engage in litigation under federal and state consumer laws that protect individuals from unfair collection tactics.  We are experts on the federal bankruptcy laws as they apply to Massachusetts residents.  We also help people with student loan problems. 

If your car has been repossessed in Massachusetts, we would like to hear from you. However, we require initial contact to be made via this form: Repossession Questionnaire. We will keep your submission confidential. We will review your matter confidentially and free of charge.


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