Massachusetts Student Loan Laws and Assistance

If you have student loan problems, we may be able to help.  We are Massachusetts attorneys specializing in resolving debt problems. Among other things, we bring cases under federal and state consumer laws to protect individuals from unfair collection tactics.  We are also experts on the federal bankruptcy laws as they apply to Massachusetts residents.  And, this is where this page comes in, we know how to help people with student loan problems.

There is an enormous amount of misinformation out there about student loan collections.  Confusion exists about topics including:

  • Repayment options;
  • Loan rehabilitation;
  • Rights of private student loan lenders versus those government lenders;
  • Wage garnishment procedures and limitations;
  • Permissible collection tactics.

We’re lawyers specializing in debt law with expertise with the student loan laws, so we know what can and cannot be done.  This makes it harder for a debt collector to say something like, “You must pay us $350 per month although you can only afford $50 because that’s what the Department of Education rules say.”  This is incredibly common, and it’s hard to counter statements like these unless you are familiar with applicable laws and regulations.  Moreover, our involvement always beings with it the credible threat of a lawsuit, and this is always powerful leverage in negotiations, which can lead to a lower payment and less stress.

Want an update if the student loan laws change? Right now the student loan laws are pretty tough on borrowers, but there has been talk about changing the laws.  If you want to be informed about potential new options as they arrive, fill out the following form and we will email you about any major changes in the law.

Additional resources about student loans:

  • Student Loan Borrower Assistance.  This is really the best site out there on student loan default (even better than this one).  It is maintained by the National Consumer Law Center.
  • 34 Code of Federal Regulations.  This is the “law” that applies to student loans.  Actually, they are regulations, but that distinction is unimportant: They are the rules that govern the servicing and default of federally-guaranteed student loans.
  • Addressing Your Defaulted Student Loan.  This is the government’s web site on the topic of student loan defaults.
  • Closed Schools.  Information about discharging a loan if your school shuts down.
  • Income-Based Repayment.  Information about the Income-Based Repayment Option, featuring a picture of a “debt gremlin.” Note: An Income-Based Repayment plan is only available AFTER you go through the rehabilitation process if your loan is already in default.
  • The Federal Student Loan Ombudsman Website.