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Welcome to our firm of litigators and counselors who fight for workers’ and consumers’ rights.

We bring cases for unpaid wages  under the Massachusetts Wage Act, Overtime Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Prevailing Wage Law, and  other statutes. These cases often involve automatic meal break deductions, commission disputes, on-call time, travel time, travel expense reimbursement, overtime exemptions, accrued vacation time, and related theories of legal liability.

We also represent individuals who have suffered unlawful vehicle repossessions, privacy violations, and other infringements of their statutory rights as consumers.

From individual employees pursuing a few hundred dollars in unpaid wages to classes of thousands seeking to recover several millions of dollars from large corporations, we have a wealth of experience handling cases of all sizes and complexities.

Wage and OvertimeWage Law = Massachusetts Attorney

We represent employees, in both individual and class action cases, who have been wrongfully deprived of wages and/or overtime under state or federal law.

Consumer ProtectionConsumer Protection Attorney Massachusetts

We represent clients in a wide range of consumer protection matters.

Class Action Massachusetts AttorneyClass Action Litigation

We represent consumers in class action cases for wage and hour violations, invasions of privacy, credit reporting, debt collection, unfair trade practices, and other laws.