Lawsuit Investigation: Staples Databreach

We are beginning an investigation into the recent Staples data breach in which malware was installed on point-of-sale computer systems at at least 113 Staples retails stores throughout the country.  A point of sale computer system is basically a cash register and credit/debit card processing unit that is linked via computer software to inventory and other company records.  Staples failed to prevent malicious software, commonly-called malware, from being installed on these systems, and as a result, if you shopped at Staples during the late summer or early fall of this year and used a credit card, your personal data may have been stolen.

Here is a list of affected stores.

If you shopped at any of these stores using a card between August 10 and September 16, 2014, you should check your card records and credit reports for any suspicious activity.  If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should alert your card holders and notify the credit reporting agencies (requesting a credit freeze if you live in Massachusetts).  Staples has put out a fact sheet here.

We are Massachusetts consumer protection lawyers monitoring the aftermath of the latest U.S. data breach.  Send us an email if you shopped at one of the affected stores anywhere in the U.S. during the key dates using a card and think your data has been compromised.  You can reach us at [email protected].

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